MLP Bieruń

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MLP Bieruń

LAND 11ha / SPACE POTENTIAL 55 000 m2

MLP Bieruń is located 7 km from city centre of Tychy, next to the national road No 44 and the S1 expressway that leads to the border with Czech Republic.

MLP Bieruń is located in Special Economic Zone. By investing in this Park companies can benefit from various tax exemptions.

MLP Bieruń is a modern distribution center offering warehouse and light production space. The park is under construction and when completed shall comprise of 55,000 sqm warehouse space in two buildings.

Technical specifications:

  • A- class buildings
  • Column grid of 12m x 22,5m
  • Floor loading capacity – 6T/sqm
  • Clearheight– 10 m
  • Skylights and smok events
  • ESFR sprinkler installation
  • Gas heating system
  • Lighting per local code
  • Office space – available on Client’srequest
  • 24h security on site
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MLP Bieruń brochure

Panorama 360°

Proximity of A4 highway and S1 expressway provides very good comunication/access to other cities in Poland:

  • S1 expressway – Piotrków Tryb – Katowice
  • A4 highway – Zgorzelec – Kraków

Advantage of the location is an easy access to the other cities in Upper Silesia.

  • A1 Highway – from Gdańsk (north) to polish southern border (PL/CZ),
  • A4 Highway – from western to eastern border.
  • S1 Highway – from Pyrzowice to polish border (PL/CZ),
  • S69 Highway – from Bielsko-Biała to polish border (PL/SK),

Travel distances:

  • 7 km from the city centre of Tychy
  • 8 km from the S1 expressway
  • 15 km from A4 motorway junction Brzeczkowice
  • 55 km from Katowice Airport
  • 62 km from Kraków Airport
  • 306 km from the city centre of Warsaw
Site plan
Site plan
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